Online Portal: Faculty of Architecture
and Urban Design

UI/UX Designer

German University in Cairo 

"... our problem in brief: we don't have any proper medium to connect with our students"


The German University in Cairo, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design.
Apart from a single FTP folder, the faculty teaching board had no official medium to support their students.

The target of the project was to build a platform where they can communicate with their students, providing not only curriculum material but also news and updates about the department.

I sat down with the faculty board and we started drafting in a collaborative series of small workshops, where we would brainstorm together.
Like architectural drawings, we started simple and abstract at first, and then later I would formalize all these needs into hierarchical user flows.

Understanding the nature of the audience, architecture students and teachers, the solution had to be simple, clear and to the point.
Most of the time these guys see are dealing in straight lines, circles, geometry that fits together, the design had to reflect that.

A consistent and linear navigation model would allow you to go back at any time, you're never lost.
Each click would seamlessly move you deeper one floor, or one panel as a matter of fact, sliding from the left and filling the whole screen to the right.

If I would summarize this project I would put it thus way:
Typography is a foundation, white space is context, content is hero.


"It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time."
— David Allan Coe