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"Help online travelers wherever they are to easily discover, book, and enjoy the world’s best places to stay."

Working with the most talented and motivated group of designers in the online travel industry, embracing an environment where continuous feedback and refinement is key and where the customer is at the heart of your daily work.

Some would argue about the value of data-driven design, or, designing with A/B tests. I wouldn't argue that data will never teach you on how to be a better designer unless you guide it the way you want. You need to have a clear goal set before starting a certain test and know exactly what data points are gonna be your thermometer.
As a fellow designer would say, it's more of design-driven-data than data-driven-design.

Since I joined the team I had the chance to work on a breadth of projects across all platforms. This gave me the opportunity to explore many aspects of the business, designing at scale not only for our end users but for our accommodation partners as well.

Below a brief of the projects I'm proud I worked on.


who? what? why?

Worked with a new team focused on understanding online consumer behaviour. Our team is dedicated to answering the intricate problems and friction points our customers face while selecting and booking a property for their trip.

This requires a horizontal approach, one that works across platforms. This gives us a unique point of view of the problem and an advantage to find better design solutions that work across the whole journey. These solutions are driven by the insights we observe from our regular consumer psychology research we conduct in house — we even experimented with EEG research.

Driven from these qualitative insights our solutions also involve heavy data analysis prior to implementing them, that's why our dedicated data scientists are one of the key resources to quantify and validate our hypotheses and results.


flavoring every bit

In an open and connected world where every individual is different, every culture is unique. Would a red box in China signal the same emotional trigger as in Italy? Is the Saudi sheikh looking for the same facilities as a solo traveler from Europe?

The answer is, of course, no. At, we serve the website in 42 languages, catering the experience for every market.

In this team, my role was to oversee our localization design efforts across all our platforms, desktop, tablet, mobile and apps. Also, as a native Arabic speaker I was responsible of creating new experiences for the Middle East and evolve our Right to Left interface across all these platforms as well.

This, of course, involved user testing on site in different countries, looking beyond the numbers and data, to see what are our customer's true needs and what are the problems that we need to fix.

a.k.a "Extranet", our Partner Platform

Without our partners, we wouldn't have anything to sell.
Extranet is's accommodation partner portal, their control panel.

It's where every accommodation can update their inventory and availability.
Upload new pictures, add deals, see their analytics, how they are performing over time, what opportunities they're missing, and how they can improve their online presence on the platform. It's an ever-evolving tool.
The extranet is a responsive web app, my role on the team spanned from the ideation process to implementation and testing.
I worked on several dashboards for the homescreen, at a glance, and analytics panels.


formerly Hotel Management Services

Before we started offering the BookingSuite services at scale, the Hotel Management Services team was piloting the project with select partners like Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and others. We built branded and responsive websites for these partners that scaled perfectly from mobile to desktop.

As a designer on the team I worked closely with these partners, making sure that we follow brand guidelines while designing, coding, and customizing the look and feel as required.